The Five Easiest Ways To Boost Your PR Success

When it comes to finding success in today’s in-demand PR market and getting the media attention your brand needs, there is no end to the different strategies you can implement in order to get the recognition you crave. One of the first things that any brand will likely do is develop a PR strategy that works for them and their company-wide needs. However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that they can do from time to time in order to boost their PR success. 

Stay On Top of the Latest Trends

If you want to get ahead in this market, then you need to stay on top of the latest trends. Dedicate some of your time every day to reading up on the latest happenings in the PR world. See what is ‘hot’ and what is really getting the attention of the big names in public relations. You need to be up with the times if you want to get media attention.

Apply for Awards

If your company is doing alright when it comes to media relations, and you really want to start boosting the recognition you are getting, then one of the best things you can do is to apply for awards. You may have to pay a little in order to apply for awards, but try to put your name out there to as many awards as you can, including local awards. Don’t be afraid to apply for awards outside of your business’ niche either. You may not win the best software company in the country award, but you may be able to win awards for green energy use or sustainability. This is a surefire way to get your name in the news and it looks great on your company’s resume.

Get Client Testimonials

Yes, client testimonials are a great marketing tool, but they are also a great PR tool too. This is because a great article or media feature always has quotes from multiple sources. If you are trying to get attention for your company and to push stories to the media, you want stories that aren’t just from your perspective, you want to have some different views as well. The more testimonials you have in your back pocket, the better off you will be.

Don’t Forget About Press Releases

Press releases are perhaps the ‘oldest trick in the book’ in terms of media relations efforts, but for some reason, they have become increasingly less popular over the past few years. This doesn’t mean that reporters still don’t value a good press release. Try to switch things up and regularly send out press releases, every month if you can. Not all of them will get you the traction that you may want, but they are a great way to keep the public, including your clients, informed of what is going on with your company.

Whatever you do, make sure that you are submitting press releases to actually get your company press coverage, not for SEO reasons.

Make New Connections

When it comes to getting press and media attention, it should come as no surprise that it is all about who you know. If you want to really give your company’s PR efforts a boost, make sure that you are reaching out to new contacts. Social media is a great way to do this and a powerful way to get in touch with reporters.

While you’re at it, make sure that you contact some of your old connections as well, you never know what connection will get you the coverage you have been looking for.