4 Secrets to Pitching to the Media

Pitching to the media is how you get to the big leagues. It’s how you take your brand to the next level. But pitching to the media has become something of a lost art. So how do you go about pushing the right buttons and making sure journalists take notice of your brand? Get Personal […]

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Are You Making These Top 3 PR Mistakes?

Successful PR campaigns can define your brand both online and offline. But good PR and bad PR is separated only by a very fine line. Thousands of companies make the same mistakes and then wonder why they’re not getting any return on their investment. These are the top three PR mistakes that are responsible for […]

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Crafting the Perfect Press Release

The perfect press release can win you additional exposure both online and offline. Contrary to popular belief, the press release is still a useful tool in your marketing arsenal. So how should you go about crafting the perfect press release? We’re going to go through it from top to bottom. Make the Headline Punchy The […]

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3 Public Relations Trends to Lookout for in 2017

The key to successful PR is to ensure you’re aware of the latest trends. Without a firm knowledge of what’s going on in the wider industry, you’ll struggle to promote your company. In 2017, there are set to be three main changes you must consider. This guide is going to help you understand what these […]

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