Five Easy PR Tips For First Time Entrepreneurs To Implement With Their Startup

Every day, countless new startups are emerging in today’s market and changing the way that our professional landscape. As an entrepreneur in charge of a new startup, it is important to get off on the right foot with all of your branding, marketing and public relations efforts. Here are five easy tips for first-time entrepreneurs to consider when they are looking to get their startup off the ground.

1. Be Prepared to Handle Bad Press

No one ever wants to handle bad press, but it is important that you are prepared to handle negative press before it ever happens. The more prepared you are, the better off you will be when it comes to handling bad press. You never know when an early mishap will happen as you are growing your company that leads to negative attention or a bad review. You should have a plan in place to handle these types of issues in case they occur.

2. Establish a Clear-Cut Identity Before You Open

Chances are you know the importance of establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity. Make sure that you have a clear-cut brand identity before you ever open, it will help you better communicate to the public and work on maintaining a strong image in the public eye. In order to do this you need to be able to identify what your values are, what your company culture is like, what makes you different from your competitors and what makes you unique.

3. Create Your Company’s Story

Every company needs a story. Creating a strong, identifiable narrative is an important part of good public relations. You need to have a story to share about your company, how it got started and what it is working towards. This is a story that you will need to be able to share with investors, the press and your target market of consumers.

4. Put your CEO out in the Forefront

Your CEO needs to be at the forefront of your business. If you want to get your company off to a strong start public relations wise, you need to make sure that your CEO is visible and out in the public. Your CEO’s face should become synonymous with your company name.

5. Consider Professional Help

While it can seem like a big expense for a company that is just getting off the ground, it is important to consider professional help in your public relations efforts. Hiring a firm can be a great way to help you stay on task and to make sure someone outside of your small and busy staff is working on your PR efforts.

Keep these tips in mind if you are looking to get your new startup off the ground with a strong PR presence. These are easy tips to implement into your PR strategy that will make sure your company has a strong presence from the moment you launch your new brand.

Getting The Attention Of Media Outlets: What To Remember With Your PR Headlines

One of the most traditional and successful ways of maintaining media relationships with different outlets is to send press releases. However, for many, one of the biggest challenges that come with press release development is creating a release that will get the attention of the media and of the readers. One thing of the best ways to do this is to create the right headline for your releases. Remember, the headline is crucial and it helps determine a few important thing. The headline is one of the first things that a journalist will read when they consider a press release. The headline also drive sharing through social media and news outlets, if it is intriguing, and it can help impact click-through rates. Also the headline of a piece can impact search visibility.

There are a lot of ways that the right headline can help any piece get the media attention that it deserve. This is why those who are looking to develop strong relationships with different media outlets should be well trained in the art of headline creation. A headline needs to be a few things; it needs to be well-written, compelling and it needs to have relevant keywords or phrases. When writing a press release, it is important to not ‘hype up’ the release or the story too much and to stick with the facts. While it should be interesting, the headline shouldn’t mislead or exaggerate.

Length is also an important factor in creating a strong press release headline. Keep in mind that most media outlets are looking to find success with Google, when a post, article or press release is indexed by Google and shows up in Google search results there is a maximum character count to be aware of. This character count runs between 65 and 80 characters including spaces. With this in mind, you will want to keep the headlines on the shorter side and make sure that the most important part of your headline isn’t at the end and in risk of being cut off. If you are sending out press releases through a wire service, the titles can be slightly longer, usually around 100 to 125 characters. On sites such as Twitter, the length needs to be under 110 characters. This is important for the many using social media as a way to get the word out about their companies. With this in mind, when it comes to getting media attention, be sure to pay close attention to your headlines.